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Green Pledge

Climate Change affects all of us, from the air we breathe to the food and water we consume. Climate Scientists have long cautioned us to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. Transport forms the bulk of the carbon emissions in Urban areas.

2020, forced vehicles off the road for the longest time in recorded history. Empty roads and a resulting forced elimination in vehicle emissions, brought us clean air and clear skies.

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Why Electric Vehicle?

  • Cleaner Environment

    Cleaner Environment – By switching to electric mobility, you contribute to reducing nearly 30% of your carbon footprint that comes from transportation. Did you know that it takes more than 250 trees to absorb the CO2 produced from one car in a single year?

  • Cost Effective

    You save over ₹5/km by switching to an Electric Vehicle.

  • Incentives

    Enjoy 2% rebate on Property Tax till 31st March 2025 and incentives up to ₹10,000 on 2-Wheeler and ₹1.5 Lakh on 4-Wheeler

Understand your charging needs

  • Particular
  • EV Slow charger 3.3 kW
  • EV Slow charger 7.4 kW
  • EVDC Fast Charger ( 30 to 50 kW)
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    • Charging Time
    • 3 - 4 Hours
    • 4 to 10 Hours
    • 30 Minutes to 1 Hours
    • No. of Chargers
    • One Charger behind 2 vehicles
    • One Charger behind 10 Cars
    • Applicability
    • Dedicated / allotted / Common Parking
    • Common Parking

Mumbaikar’s say

“We Care We Pledge”

Adani Electricity takes the pledge to only procure electric vehicles going forward, wherever feasible. We are already operating 15 EVs for man and material movement."

- Adani Electricity

Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited

Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited, part of the diversified Adani Group, is an integrated business of power generation, transmission, and retail electricity distribution. AEML owns and operates the largest and the most efficient power distribution network in India. AEML serves over 3 million consumers spread across 400 sq. km. in Mumbai and its suburbs meeting close to 2,000 MW of power demand with 99.99% reliability, which is among the highest in the country.

Adani Electricity is now deploying a comprehensive Charging Network to dedicated to serve Mumbaikars Electric Mobility needs. Adani Electricity will deploy Charging Stations at the most convenient locations, from residential societies, office complexes and high footfall locations to Airport and Highways connecting Mumbai.