Offline Payments

Offline Payments Were Never So Easy!

Select the best offline electricity bill payment option as per your convenience and check the details for how to pay your electricity bill offline

  • Payment Kiosk

    • You can pay your energy bill through Cash, Cheque & Debit / Credit Cards, at our conveniently located Payment Kiosk. Simply pay your bill and collect the receipt issued.
    • You can also get a duplicate copy of your bill at our payment kiosk.
    • A convenience fee of 0.75% (plus GST) shall be charged on bill payments in excess of ₹2000.
    • Adani Electricity Payment Kiosks are open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

    Locate the nearest Payment Kiosk here:

  • Drop Boxes

    Adani Electricity drop boxes are placed across the city at convenient locations for offline electricity bill payment. Drop your cheque into the one nearest to you. Our team ensures the drop boxes are cleared daily and your records are updated promptly.

    How can I find the nearest drop box?

    The drop boxes can be found at multiple convenient locations across Mumbai. Drop boxes have also been installed at all Metro stations.

    Locate the nearest drop box here:

  • Collecting Banks

    • Visit any of our allied bank branches in Mumbai at your convenience to pay your bill offline.
    • Most of these banks have automated bill collection that helps in instant updation of your electricity record.

    You can find your nearest collecting bank here.

  • Voluntary Deposit Scheme (VDS)

    AEML provides you with the option of earning while ensuring offline digital payments in a timely and hassle-free manner with the Voluntary Deposit Scheme (VDS). It offers you the benefit of paying a deposit in advance and earning interest on your payment.

    No need to worry about monthly payments. Just pay a deposit and we'll adjust your bill amount every month with it.

    The deposit is guaranteed to earn you an interest @ 7% p.a. from the date of deposit on the diminishing balance after adjusting monthly bills.

    Get Started
    • Fill in the VDS application form and deposit in cash/cheque/demand draft at any one of our Customer Care Centres.
    • You can also apply for the VDS mode of payment by using the Online option.
    Deposit Limit
    • Deposit should be paid for a minimum of 6 months’ average bill but not less than ₹3000 and in multiples of ₹500 thereafter.
    • The maximum amount that you can deposit is ₹1,00,000 but any payment higher than ₹20,000 in cash will not be accepted. Also, for a deposit above ₹20,000 you will need to give your PAN number.
    Where to deposit

    Just send in the VDS application along with the deposit (Cheque or Demand Draft) to the following address by mail:

    VDS Payment
    Adani Electricity Ltd.
    Despatch Section, RNA Corporate Park Old Kalamandir,
    Near Collector's Office, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051
    You can also make the deposit in cash/cheque/demand draft at any one of our Customer Care Centres.

    What if the balance falls short
    • Each month you can view the VDS balance and update your account accordingly.
    • If the balance is not enough to pay the current bill, a statement will appear in your monthly bill, informing you in advance.
    • You can also receive alerts via SMS and e-mail.
    How to get a VDS application form
    • Download the application form:
    Click Here to download the form in English
    Click Here to download the form in Marathi
    • Contact Customer Care on 19122 to request a form.
    • You can also email a form request to Adani Electricity.
    • Walk into any of our Customer Care Centres located at our Divisional offices.
  • e-NACH

    Offline electricity bill payments can also be done through E-NACH registration

  • By Post

    You can also send your energy bill payments by post or courier.

    • Draw your cheque in favour of "Adani Electricity Limited" A/c no. xxxxxxxxx
    • Attach your bill payment slip to your Energy payment cheque and mail it by post or courier to the following address:
      Bill Payment
      Adani Electricity Ltd.
      Despatch Section, RNA Corporate Park Old Kalamandir,
      Near Collector's Office, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051
    • Do not send cash while using this option.
    • Mail your cheque at least 4 working days before the payment due date to avoid Delayed Payment Charges.
    • If you are abroad/far away from Mumbai, we request you to time your mails/courier accordingly to ensure that your cheque reaches us on or before the payment due date.
  • TJSB Sahakari Bank and Partner Branches

    You can pay your Adani Electricity bill offline in Cash at various conveniently located TJSB Sahakari Bank branches and their partner branch locations. Simply pay your bill at the counter, and collect the receipt issued at all these locations.

    Select the Area from the dropdown menu to locate the nearest branch: