Load Change Request

Details about electricity load change request

Do you need electricity load change due to increased or decreased power needs? If yes, then here's how you can modify your energy supply or applied load.

Extension of Load / Contract Demand

If the total load is more than 25 KW then the estimate is given after checking the loading condition of the distribution feeder in your area, else it is provided over the counter.

Reduction of Load / Contract Demand

You can apply for a reduction of load if there is a decrease in your connected load. Once you apply, the site is inspected, and accordingly suitable action is taken like changing the meter (if necessary) or any other measure.


To process your electricity load change request online, please click here.


In case you want your energy load changed through the offline procedure, below is an outline of the process that you need to follow:

  • Step 1
    • Fill the Application form 16.1 (page 1) in block letters with black ink and sign across the photograph.
    • Click here English / Marathi to download form.
    • Take Help of Licensed Electrical contractor (LEC)* for the following:
      ( Click here to download the list of LECs)
    • Section 2 & 3 of Form 16.1
    • An installation test report issued by LEC(Click here to download sample copy)
  • Step 2
    • Kindly attach the following documents:
      • Latest Passport size photograph
      • Arrears Undertaking form - Click here to download
      • Latest Tapping meter’s bill copy (for Tapping application)
      • Way Leave form and Indemnity form - Click here to download
      • Three Phase Undertaking form (applicable for 3 phase meter) - Click here to download
      • Work completion & Test Report duly filled and signed by LEC & Supervisor.
      • In case the expected load is 50 kW or more, then kindly submit the Power Supply Agreement (Click here to download) printed on a ₹100/- legal paper with franking.
      • Attach Required Documents giving Proof of Identity and Proof of Ownership or Occupancy of the premises of the Applicant - Click here to Download
    • Note: Scrutinized documents should be approved, duly signed, and stamped with the date by the front-end officer. No affidavit shall be accepted.
  • Step 3
    • Submit the form – Please submit the completed form and the documents at a divisional office. Click here for a list of the divisional offices near you.
    • Note: Please make sure you retain the requisition number (A unique serial number according to the area under which your application is registered) given to you at the time of document submission. You can use this number to check the status of your application on the Adani Electricity website or via your respective divisional office.
    • Please Note: You are required to get original documents for verification purposes.
  • Step 4