What Product to Buy

Learn how to choose the right energy-efficient products out of so many available in the market.

Buy ‘Energy Efficient’ Products

What are energy-efficient appliances?

‘Energy efficiency’ is a frequently used term in our climate-conscious world. Appliances that help save energy by reducing the consumption levels are called energy efficient appliances. Using energy efficient electrical appliances will help protect the environment and bring down the carbon footprint too. The more energy-efficient an electrical appliance is, the less it costs to use.

Owning such devices can help you save money on electricity, lead an eco-friendly lifestyle and improve the quality of your life. Households are one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions as they use electrical appliances that consume a lot of energy. The daily energy consumption of each household is fairly more than the everyday energy consumed by your car.

With a number of products in the market claiming to be energy efficient, how do you decide which energy-efficient products should you buy?

Simple. Just look for the BEE Star Rating on every electrical appliance from refrigerators, air conditioners to ceiling fans, colour televisions, etc.

Every product carries a rating between 1 to 5 stars, products rated 5 stars being the most efficient. The higher the ratings the more you save on your electricity bills.

The difference between energy consumption of a 1-star and 5-star rated refrigerator of a 200 Litres capacity is approximately 320 units annually which saves you more than ₹1600/- per year.

For more information on the EE products please refer to the BEE website at https://beeindia.gov.in/ Also, you can visit https://beeindia.gov.in/standards-labeling to find more on "5 Star Labelled Appliances of BEE".