Safety for You

Guidance on various electrical safety measures to keep everyone safe at home

Electrical Safety Measures at Home

Even though appliances today come with in-built safeguards, it is always best to practice safety precautions in using electricity. Please keep in mind the following tips while dealing with electricity & electrical appliances at home to keep you and your family safe from any accident:

  1. Never play with electrical cords, wires, switches or plugs. refrain from using them with wet hands or while standing on a wet surface.
  2. Please stay away from fallen power lines as they are an easy source of electric shocks.
  3. Avoid using appliances like hairdryer, electrical radio, etc. near a bathtub or sink.
  4. Stay away from substations and transformers. don't plant shrubs and trees close to them.
  5. Don’t climb a tree that has a power line nearby or touching it.
  6. If an appliance works improperly or gives the slightest signs of a problem such as minor shocks or sparks, disconnect it and have it serviced.
  7. Never fly kites, balloons, and model airplanes near overhead electrical wires. If anything gets caught in a line, do not try to remove it.
  8. Before you move a metal ladder, check to see that it's clear of power lines. It can be fatal if contact occurs with a line.
  9. Never install a TV or radio antenna near power lines.
  10. In case of three-pin plugs, ensure that the point is properly earthed.
  11. Do not put electrical tools, appliances, or cords in water.
  12. Never climb utility poles or electrical towers.
  13. Never touch a bare wire which isn’t insulated. never allow usage of wires with worn insulations.
  14. Never use water to extinguish an electrical fire.
  15. Replace a fused bulb or tube light only after switching it off.
  16. Never overload electrical mains.
  17. Always get all the wiring done through a licensed electrical contractor (lec).
  18. Wires and electrical fittings should never be used for hanging signboards.
  19. Always use rubber mats for standing while working on electrical machines.
  20. Put safety signboards at visible locations.
  21. Use gloves and keep safe distance while carrying out switching operations.
  22. Never close or open a switch hesitatingly. Always do it firmly and quickly.