Report Electricity Theft

Let’s fight power thefts together and end this social menace effectively

Power thefts are not just a loss to us but a loss to the society. This social menace not only deprives us of our limited resources, but also results in increasing your power bills. Your alertness and care could help us fight this social problem effectively. All you need to do is inform us if you notice a possible theft of electricity. We will ensure that your identity is protected. Call us at 19122 OR send an alert on SMS to 19122.

With a little vigilance, care, and effort we can make a difference so that we enjoy the power of electricity regularly at the price we want to.

Just inform us in case you trace power theft and we would take care of the issue promptly.

Make a discreet call at 19122 or tell us here by filling in a little information.

Let’s end power thefts together and use our power to become a “power-full” citizen.