Information Related to New Division / Billing Cycle

Frequently Asked Questions- New AEML Divisions and Changes in Billing Cycle as applicable

I have found that cycle number printed on my bill is changed. What is the reason?

To serve you better we have reorganized billing cycles over 7 Divisions with effect from March-21 bill month. Some of the customer accounts may be reorganized while others remain in the same billing. Since your account has been reorganized in new billing cycle, new cycle no. appears in your bill.

Will this new cycle no. impact my bill amount?

In few cases where billing is done for less than 28 days or where billing is done greater than 32 days, proration in slabs is effected so that you will get applicable slab benefits. It will not impact your tariff, however, bill amount may vary basis number of days you have been billed.
Since the cycle change is effected only for this month the billing slabs are apportioned as per billing days. For example, if your bill is for 33 days, existing billing slabs are prorated accordingly, to adjust the slab benefits. Refer to following table as an example:

Units' slabs Calculation Existing slabs Revised slabs for 33 days
  • e. g. Bill days
  • 28 to 32 days
  • 33
  • 1st slab (0 to 100)
  • 100
  • 110
  • 2nd slab (101 to 300)
  • 200
  • 220
  • 3rd slab (301 to 500)
  • 200
  • 220
  • 4th slab > 500
  • > 500
  • 550

I have found the Division printed on my bill is changed.

To serve our esteemed customers in the most efficient way, we have regrouped our divisional activities. To cater to your needs with respect to queries/ request and complaint handling, earlier 5 divisions are now restructured to 7 divisions thereby ensuring faster response to your needs. Hence the new division name if applicable for your account, is printed on your bill.

What will be my billing days from next bill month?

The current changes in billing days are for Mar-21 bill month only.

Will this cycle number change occur frequently?

No, once reorganized, your cycle number remains the same each month.

What will be my cycle no. in subsequent bill?

The new cycle no. printed on your bill will continue in future bills.

Have the billing cycles changed for all the customers?

We have ensured that the least number of consumers undergo billing cycle change, to the extent required to regroup customers from 5 divisions to 7 divisions.

Will there be change in my meter reading date?

Meter reading date is dependent on cycle no. However tentative meter reading for subsequent billing month is always printed on your bill.