Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the different modes receiving Electricity bills?

There are various ways of accessing your Adani electricity bill:

Why is an Estimated Bill sent to the customer?

If actual reading of the meter could not be taken, an estimated bill is calculated and sent. The reason for estimation could be any of the following-

  • Inaccessible meter
  • Improper reading display
  • Any other unavoidable circumstances

How can I get an electricity bill duplicate copy?

Go to the Adani Electricity website and follow these steps-

  • Log in to My Account.
  • Click on 'Bills and Payments'.
  • Go to 'Download Bill'.
  • Select the month and click on 'Download' to get your bill in a PDF format.
  • Or
  • You can also get bill copy on whatsapp by sending "Hi" on 9594519122 from your registered mobile no.

What is an Estimated Bill?

In the absence of actual meter reading, unit consumption is charged on the basis of estimation. Estimation is based on your previous 3 months’ bill average or previous year's same month consumption whichever is higher. This bill is called an Estimated Bill.

I have not yet received this month’s bill. What should I do?

Electricity bills are prepared and dispatched each month on a specific date. However, if the bill is not received you can:
  • Call us on our 24x7 toll free number 19122 anytime.
  • Send an e-mail
  • You can also download the Adani Electricity mobile app or visit the Adani Electricity online bill payment page to pay your bill.

What is Amended Bill?

An Amended Bill is essentially a corrected bill that is sent to the customer post making necessary changes by comparing the previously recorded meter reading with the presently captured meter reading, calculating the bill amount as the difference of two actual readings.

When is an Amended Bill sent to the customer?

An Amended Bill is a corrected bill which is sent once the correct meter reading is obtained and necessary changes are made by comparing the previously recorded reading with the presently captured meter reading. The bill is then calculated as the difference of two actual readings, ensuring accurate billing.

What is CAB (Consolidated Amendment Bill)?

A Consolidated Amended Bill is an amendment procedure where units billed at different slabs for various successive months are consolidated and spread over the said months by applying slab rates.

What is Pro-cab (Proactive CAB)?

If readings are estimated in the earlier month and if actual reading is obtained in the current month, a consolidated amendment bill is raised. Based on the current actual reading earlier units are prorated, and readings get revised to adjust slab benefit. This means that the total actual consumption is evenly spread across the estimation period, so that all the consumption is not recorded in one bill, hitting the highest consumption slab and overall higher cost to the user.

How can I identify that the subsequent bill is based on revised units?

You can identify a consolidated amendment bill by checking the important message box on the bill. The message will state that the bill is based on the actual meter reading, and your earlier estimated bill has been revised to give slab benefits. The differential amount will be reflected in the revised bill. You can visit for a better understanding of your electricity bill.

What message gets printed in the bill if the reading is estimated?

If you get an Estimated Bill, you will see this message printed on the bill, Since we could not take the meter reading for the current month, the consumption has been estimated. Your bill shall be amended upon the availability of meter reading in the subsequent month.

What if I haven’t received my bill?

If your mobile number and email ID are registered with your account, you will receive a soft copy of your bill via SMS and email. You can also access your electricity bill by logging into 'My Account' on our website

How do I access my bill if my mobile number is not registered?

The easiest and fastest way to access your bill is through website or Adani Mobile App.

For website follow these simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Log into 'My Account' using your Customer Account Number.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the "Download Bill" option.
  • Click on the "Download Bill" option to view and download bill. You can also download bills for last 6 months.

You can use Adani Electricity Mobile App to access the same service.

  • Login with your registered mobile number or account number.
  • Go to Bills tab and under ‘Bill Download’, your current light bill along with past 11 months bill can be downloaded.

Download the app by scanning the QR codes at the bottom of the website.

You can also download the 'Adani Electricity' App from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.

Or, visit any of our Genius bill pay centres to get a physical copy of the latest bill.

How to check electricity bill online?

Here is a step-by-step guide to check your electricity bill online:

  • Visit the Adani Electricity website.
  • Log in using your customer account number.
  • Access your electricity bill online, which will display the total bill amount, bill due date, and units consumed.

Is an Amended Bill generated on basis of actual meter reading?

The bill amendment is determined by the actual meter reading obtained. In cases where the meter is malfunctioning, the meter reading is recalculated using the historical average consumption data.

How to download electricity bill online?

  • Visit the Adani Electricity website.
  • Click on the "Bills and Payments" tab.
  • Select "Download Bill" and log in using your account details.
  • You can then download your current month's bill as well as the bills for the past 11 months.

Why do monthly bills of the same Customer show a lot of difference in the billed amount?

Adani Electricity bills are calculated based on your meter readings, which show the actual amount of power consumed. Please note that there may be variations in your bills for several reasons, such as changes in tariff, seasonal fluctuations, increased usage of electric appliances, more occupants in the house leading to more usage of electricity. In a rare event, if any billing errors occur, corrections will be made and communicated to you.

I have a commercial category electricity connection. Does units proration apply to me?

Units proration is only for the residential category. For the rest of the categories there is single energy charge, irrespective of units slabs. Hence, the units proration does not apply to you.

Does Adani Electricity revise bills in case of errors?

In a rare event, if any billing errors occur, corrections are made and communicated to you.

My Electricity bill looks high for this month? How is my electricity bill calculated?

Adani Electricity bills are calculated based on actual meter readings, which accurately reflect your power consumption. The billing is done using tariff rates approved by MERC (Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission).

I have not used so many units of electricity / my meter reading is high, what can be done?

Your meter reading is mentioned on your bill for your reference. If you feel there is any discrepancy, please call our toll-free number 19122 for a quick resolution. You can also write to us at

Why does a bill say "Meters could not be read; Reading Developed"?

When the actual meter reading is not feasible, your bill may be based on estimated consumption. Here are the details of how this estimation works and what happens when the actual reading is taken-

If the meter reading couldn't be taken due to reasons like lock or no access to meter cabin, an estimated bill is generated.

The estimation is based on the higher value between the average consumption of the previous 3 months or the consumption of the same month last year.

Once the actual meter reading is obtained, adjustments are made, and any necessary debit or credit is reflected in the subsequent bill.

What message gets printed on the periodic bill if the units are prorated?

For Adani electricity’s residential consumers, prorated slab details are printed on the reverse side of the bill, below the Tariff structure.

How does Adani Electricity billing system work?

Once your meter is connected, you will be given a Customer Account Number based on where you live and nearby Customer Care center. This number determines your Cycle Number and Book Number.

Every month, our Meter Readers will record the readings based on your Cycle Number. These readings are then entered into our billing system, which automatically calculates your bill amount.

You have the option to receive your bill in different ways: you can get it online via email or through our mobile application, or we can print and send it to your billing address. You can choose any or all of these options. For more details, please visit know your bill.

I found that my bills are not calculated as per standard slabs shown in tariff structure of the bill. Why this change has been made?

As per Supply code Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) including Power Quality Regulations 2021, issued by MERC, billing shall be on monthly basis, using the number of days in the calendar month to determine consumption slabs. Hence the units are prorated to adjust the appropriate slab benefits.

I am having residential connection, how will the bills be prorated?

In order to adjust appropriate slabs, units are prorated based on calendar month days. For September month, base days would be 30 days (as per calendar month days) but if actual billing days are different from the base days – slabs would be adjusted accordingly. So that customer would get appropriate slab benefits. Refer to following example:

Units slabs Calculation method example,

Sample Proration
Unit slabs Calculation method exampleStandard unit SlabsJan (31 days) Feb (28 days)April (30 days)
Calendar Month Days312830
eg. Bill days29292929
1st Slab1009410497
2nd Slab200187207193
3rd Slab200187207193
For slab calculation-denominator is30 dayscalendar days of the month for which the bill require to be prepared

Will there be any variation in bill days?

As per supply code guidelines – Utility has to take readings for periodic bills on monthly basis with an exception of (+ /- 3 days). Adani electricity ensures that readings are taken as per defined schedule.

Is there any mention of applied slabs in my bill?

Yes. You would get a display of applied slabs on the back side of your bill.

I have a billing complaint. What should I do?

Adani electricity has initiated many platforms to make it convenient to all our valuable customers to reach us as per their convenience. Below are our few touch points:
  1. Elektra Chatbot - a digital assistant is available on our website to chat. Just click on it and select complaint registration and follow a few simple steps to raise your billing concern.
  2. Reach us at our 24*7 toll free number 19122 any time.
  3. Write to us on our email,
  4. Video call us by using the virtual video call facility availble on our website and speak to our agents directly between 7.00 am - 11 pm.

I am receiving high amount bills. Why?

The variation in the amount of bill could be because of the following reasons:

Change in Tariff - Tariff rates are generally revised annually.

Seasonal Variations - An unusual cold or warm weather can significantly alter your electricity use.

New electric appliances usage - If you have recently installed a new major electric appliance - such as air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine or computer - your usage of electricity may increase.

Defective Electrical appliances - Defective appliances such as air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine and geyser need to be repaired immediately as they consume more energy than normal.

More people in the house - More people in the house leads to more energy consumption and so a higher bill amount.

Changes in Lifestyle - The lifestyle is influenced by different work shifts, a new baby, illness, retirement, etc. These in turn affect various factors such as the amount of time spent at home, the number of times the door is opened/closed, the setting on the thermostat, time spent in watching TV, lights used, and number of showers, etc. All these result into higher amount of electricity consumption.

What about the Voluntary Deposit Scheme (VDS) credit balance in my account?

You can apply for refund of credit balance in your VDS account to Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL).

To download the form, click the given links.

Voluntary Deposit Scheme Form - English
Voluntary Deposit Scheme Form - Marathi

How do I change my electricity supplier?

To switch to a new distribution company, you need to complete and submit a changeover request form to a New Distribution Licensee (NDL), along with all necessary documents and processing fees as per MERC's approved Schedule of Charges.

Where will I find the status of my changeover application?

To check your application status, you can send an email to the New Distribution Licensee (NDL) email id-, or call the toll-free number - 19122.

Who will issue the monthly energy bills to me when I changeover?

The New Distribution Licensee (NDL) will be responsible for issuing the monthly energy bills based on the meter reading.

Where will a consumer lodge commercial complaint or a No Supply complaint in case of changeover?

All complaints, whether commercial or No Supply complaints, have to be lodged with the New Distribution Licensee (NDL) toll free no - 19122 or helpdesk email ID -

After changeover, whom should I approach for enquiry and complaints?

As per the interim order released by MERC,New Distribution Licensee (NDL) should be the only interface and shall deal with your service requirement and complaints including those related to billing, meter accuracy, supply quality, etc.

What are the wheeling charges in electricity bill?

It is the cable maintenance cost collected from the customer. Distribution of electricity is carried out through cables and other electrical components. These components need maintenance from time to time. The maintenance cost of this is charged under wheeling charges.

Where will I get the forms to change to another electricity supplier?

The form can be downloaded from our website under help & support tab which is in the name of new connection.

Where will I submit the forms to change to another electricity supplier?

To changeover of electricity supplier, the completed forms with necessary documents can be submitted at any nearest customer care centre. Also, there is an option to change over to Adani Electricity by clicking on the  Switch to Adani Electricity and then clicking the ‘interested’ tab on our website. In this case, our executives will reach out to you over the phone to collect the changeover application form.

Will I have to obtain No Objection Certificate for Adani Electricity from an Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL)?

No, you will not be required to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Adani Electricity from an Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL). However, it is mandatory for the consumer to clear the payment of his latest bill prior to due date before applying for Changeover to any utility.

How long it will take for getting the supply from New Distribution Licensee (NDL)?

As per the SoP norms New Distribution Licensee (NDL) will have to comply with your changeover request within 30 days from the date of submission of the completed application. Generally, Changeover happens within 8 to 10 working days from the date of complete application sumbmission.

What will happen to my Security Deposit (SD) with Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL)?

Your security deposit with Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL) will be adjusted against the outstanding dues (if any), and the balance will be refunded within 7 working days from the due date of the final bill. You can also send an email on to claim security deposit.

Will I get my direct debit facility transferred to my New Distribution Licensee (NDL)?

No, you will have to give intimation to Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL) for stopping this facility and apply fresh at NDL.

Which licensee will install the meter at my premise?

As per the interim order on migration, the consumer has a choice to opt for:

  • Meter provided by the Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL) or
  • Meter provided by the New Distribution Licensee (NDL) or
  • Purchase your own meter.

For Changeover to Adani Electricity, Adani Electricity will compulsarily provide the meter to consumer.

Will there be any interruption in power supply during changeover?

In case the consumer opts for New Distribution Licensee (NDL) meter or intends to install own meter then there will interruption till the time Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL) meter is replaced with NDL's meter or consumer owned meter. Otherwise there will be no interruption.

Will I be able to change back to my Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL) if I am not satisfied with the New Distribution Licensee (NDL)? Is there any constraint on this?

Yes, anytime after following change over procedure. There are no constraints as long as the proper procedure is followed.

Can I get the Name / Address / tariff category on the electricity bill changed while applying for change over?

Once changeover formalities are jointly completed at consumer premises, consumer can apply for online change of name at our website with necessary documents. Similarly, address change and rate category change can also be done after completion of changeover formalities.

What are the charges for changeover? Will I be paying SD again? Where will I make these payments?

You will have to pay application processing fees as per Schedule of Charges approved by the Commission along with Security Deposit to the New Distribution Licensee (NDL).

What are wheeling charges? Why do you want me to pay these charges?

Wheeling charges are determined by MERC in the tariff order of utilities. Wheeling charges are charges to recover the operation and maintenance cost of the network.

How will the wheeling charges billed to me?

The New Distribution Licensee (NDL), also known as Supply Distribution Licensee, will bill wheeling charges to its customers as per the MERC determined rate. Wheeling charges rates will be applied depending on which utility network the consumer is currently using.

Who will take the meter reading after changeover?

The New Distribution Licensee (NDL) will be responsible for taking your meter reading for billing. The EDL will continue to read the digital electric meter for cross-verification to compute distribution losses.

Where will I make the bill payments in case of New Distribution Licensee (NDL) power?

Bill payments in cash for upto Rs 5000 & cheque deposit can be done at our payment kiosk. Online payments can be done from our website or any other payment app like paytm, mobikwik etc.

Where can I obtain the information regarding the procedure and application form for changing over to New Distribution Licensee (NDL)?

The information regarding the changeover procedure and the application form (free of cost) is available at New Distribution Licensee (NDL) website.

In case of changeover to TPC-D, will I have to pay the wheeling charges to both New Distribution Licensee (NDL) and Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL)?

In case of changeover, only wheeling charges of Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL) will be applicable. Consumer will continue to pay the Wheeling charges rates of Adani Electricity.

Will the changeover to TPC-D affect the quality & reliability of power?

As per the interim order released by MERC, except for occurrences beyond the control of the Wheeling Distribution Licensee, the Licensee has to adhere to Standards of Performance regulation. The order also states that the Wheeling Distribution Licensee shall not discriminate between changed-over consumers and its own consumers for provision of wheeling services.

Can I changeover if I have outstanding money towards my monthly electricity bill from Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL)?

It compulsary for consumer to clear all dues of Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL) as per latest bill inclusive of any DPC/IOA/Vigilance penalty, etc. Otherwise, the changeover application will be rejected.

How will I get the refund of SD with the Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL)?

After completion of changeover activity at site, your Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL) will send you the final bill wherein your SD refund amount will be visible. The amount of SD refund will depend on the amount of bill generated from the last meter reading to changeover date, as SD amount will be adjusted with bill amount. The refund SD amount can be claimed by giving bank account details same as that of the latest bill from EDL. Consumers can send an email to their respective utility helpdesk or call on the toll free no.

How much SD do I need to pay to New Distribution Licensee (NDL)?

Currently Adani Electricity charges SD amount equivalent to the amount mentioned in the TPC bill. Any further adjustment of SD may be done at disvisonal level. For online requests through Adani Electricity website, we are currently charging Rs 1000 for all consumers.

What if I did not receive the final bill after changeover?

If the final bill is not received, then the consumer can send an email regarding the same at or call our toll free no. 19122.

By when do I have to pay the final bill raised by Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL)?

The final bill raised by Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL) needs to be paid by the consumer on or before the due date. In case of any non-payment or partial payment of final bill of the EDL (after adjusting security deposit, if any) by the changed-over consumer, there will be a disconnection of supply in default of payment, as per the provisions of Section 56 of EA 2003 shall apply. Also, interest will be charged on the overdue final bill as per latest schedule of charges approved by MERC.

What is Cross Subsidy?

Electricity generation, distribution, and supply have associated costs known as "Cost of Supply." High-end consumers, such as malls, hotels, industries, etc., are usually charged a premium over the cost of supply, which is used to provide a discount over cost of supply to low end consumer . This is called Cross-Subsidisation.

In Adani Electricity's distribution area how many consumers are cross subsidised consumers?

Adani Electricity has a consumer base of approximately 3 million consumers, out of which around 71% are cross-subsidised, primarily residential consumers with consumption below 300 units. The remaining 39% are cross-subsidising consumers.

Does Adani Electricity get any subsidy from the Central and/or the State Government towards cross subsidy?

No. Adani Electricity does not get any subsidy from either of the Governments.

Why the cross subsidy is important in parallel licenses regime?

The consumers are allowed to switchover in the parallel license regime. In case the high end consumer desires to switch over to another licensee in the same area, then it would disturb the cross subsidy quantum; which may put burden on the cross subsidized class. As a result, their tariff may unwarrantedly go up.

Does Electricity Act 2003 provide for cross subsidy surcharge?

Yes. Section 42 of the Electricity Act 2003 speaks about the surcharge.

What Steps has Adani Electricity taken to minimise the FAC being levied?

Adani Electricity's generating plant in Dahanu benefits from domestic coal linkages, reducing dependency on imported coal and minimizing the impact of fluctuating prices. Additionally, we have entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for 700 MW Hybrid power (solar + non-solar), with power already being supplied. To address increasing prices in the short-term market, we have also entered into Medium-Term Power Purchase agreements. Furthermore, we are in the process of bidding for 1,500 MW power, aiming to reduce dependency on the volatile short-term market and mitigate the impact of Fuel Adjustment Charges (FAC).

What is FAC or Fuel Adjustment Charge? And how is it calculated?

FAC stands for Fuel Adjustment Cost. At the time of tariff approval, an average power purchase is worked out and approved by MERC, which forms the basis of retail tariff. If, during the course of the year, the actual power purchase cost varies above or below the approved value, the difference is recovered or refunded to consumers in the form of Fuel Adjustment Charges.

Who approves the Fuel Adjustment Charges?

The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) approves the FAC based on the submission of the Distribtuion licensees, as per the provisiosn of MYT Regulations; Guidelines issued by MERC from time to time and the Tariff Orders issued by MERC from time to time. The Distribution licensees levy/ refund FAC basis the Order issued by MERC.

What will be the impact of FAC on the bill amount?

The maximum impact can be upto 20% of energy charges.

Is FAC also chargeable to Green Power Customers?

As per the MTR Tariff Order approved by MERC, FAC is applicable to all consumer categories for their entire consumption.

How can I make an application for a Change of Name in the electricity bill?

To apply for a Change of Name, visit the "Change Name on the Bill" section under Services on the Adani Electricity website. From there, select the appropriate option to either raise a new request or check the status of your application.

How do I control any further increase in my consumption?

You can control your energy consumption by using smart appliances and appliances that have 4 and 5 energy star ratings. Make sure you switch off unused appliances, fans, ACs, lights, etc to save electrcity. To take a survey of your energy consumption habit and to learn how your consumption units are linked to your usage, please visit this resource for guidance and tips.

What should I observe before registering any electricity bill complaint with Adani Electricity?

While registering an electricity bill complaint, you must study your electricity consumption of the last 12 months to understand seasonal impacts. In case you still want clarity on your bill, please feel free to call Adani Electricity’s 24-hour toll free number 19122 anytime.

You can also visit Adani Electricity's Virtual Contact Centre

Or e-mail at for a quick resolution to your problems.

What are the working hours of the Bill Payment Centres?

All our Genius Pay Centers work from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. on all days (Monday to Sunday).

However, for a hassle-free bill payment, we encourage you to pay your electricity bill online at Adani Electricity bill payment page.

How to find the meter number on Adani Electricity bill?

On the Adani Electricity bill’s first page, you can find your metre number under ‘Your Current Consumption’ section. For more details, please visit know your bill.

Where can I find the consumer account number on Adani Electricity bill?

To find the consumer account number on Adani Electricity bill, check under your personal details. For more details, please visit know your bill.

What are the steps being taken to improve customer service at Adani Electricity?

At Adani Electricity, It is our constant endeavour to provide customers with world class and convenient services. Here are some initiatives which wil further elevate the experience of our consumer services.

Introduction of Video Contact Center: Consumers can connect with us through video calls from their homes, a first-of-its-kind service in India.

Under Implementation:

  • AI-Powered Chatbot: All consumer services will be accessible through an AI-powered chatbot, offering self-service options.
  • Conversational IVR: Providing self-service choices to consumers through interactive voice response.
  • WhatsApp Chat Interactions: Engage with us through WhatsApp for convenient communication.
  • Smart Meters: Ensuring billing accuracy and tailored offerings for consumers.

We always value your feedback to drive process improvements and introduce new services.

How can the customers reach out to Adani Electricity?

The consumer can contact us conveniently through various channels given below for any queries or complaints:

  • Call us at (19122) - Our contact number (Toll Free) is available 24/7 for any queries or complaints.
  • Missed Call - Give a missed call to 18005329998 from your registered mobile number to register a complaint or check power restoration status.
  • SMS - Send "Power 9-digit account no." to 7065313030. For example, if your account no. is XXXXXXXXX, send "Power XXXXXXXXX" to 7065313030.
  • WhatsApp Business - Reach us anytime at 9594519122 through WhatsApp.
  • Video Contact Centre - Connect with Adani Electricity via a video call on the Adani Electricity website and Electra Chatbot.
  • Mobile App - Download our Android & iOS App for easy access.
  • Social Media - Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube.
  • Website - Visit for more information.

How to calculate my monthly energy consumption?

To calculate your monthly energy consumption, please go to Adani Electricity’s Energy Calculator. You can enter your average daily usage of the listed appliances on the calculator and it will provide you with an estimate of your monthly energy/power consumption.

How to get back the dishonoured cheque?

Upon settling your most recent bill payment, you will receive a receipt for the same. You can then visit our Kalina office along with the receipt as payment proof. Address: Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd., City 2 building, 4th floor, CST road, Kalina, near Shaman motors, Santacruz (East), Mumbai-400055.


Alternatively, you can obtain a scanned copy of the cheque by sending a request letter or sending an email on

Which are the areas where Adani Electricity supplies power in Mumbai?

Adani Electricity distributes power in its licensed distribution area, spread over 400 Sq. Kms. from Bandra to Bhayander in Western Suburbs, Chunabhatti to Vikroli & Mankhurd in Eastern Suburbs and Chenne & Versova areas of Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation.

How many consumers does Adani Electricity serve in its distribution area?

Adani Electricity serves approximately 2.9 million consumers in its licensed distribution area.

Which are the different categories of consumers that the Adani Electricity serves?

Adani Electricity strictly observes the Universal Service Obligations stipulated under the prevailing statute and the licensed conditions. AEML supplies power and serves to all the consumers irrespective of their categories, without discrimination.

At what reliability index Adani Electricity supplies power to its consumers?

The reliability index figure is 99.996% in FY 23.

Will there be change in meter reading date for my electricity bill?

Meter reading date is dependent on the cycle no. However, tentative meter reading for the next billing month is always printed on your bill.

How to change mobile number on Adani Electricity bill?

To change mobile number on your Adani Electricity bill, follow these steps-

  • Go to the Adani Electricity website.
  • Log in with your Customer Account number (CA Number).
  • Go to your profile and update your mobile number. Alternatively, you can call on our toll free number 19122 or write us an email on with photo ID proof.

How to increase electricity load online?

To change the electricity load, you can apply for Load Change by visiting this link-

Has the Company got a proper disconnection policy to deter consumers in case of non-payment?

Yes, the company follows an appropriate procedure to disconnect an electricity connection in line with the Statutory and Regulatory provisions to deter customers who tend to default in payment.

How can I get in touch with Adani customer care if I have any concerns?

Below are our few touch points:

  • Elektra Chatbot- a digital assistant is available on our webstie to chat. Just click on it and select complaint registration and follow a few simple steps to raise your billing concern.
  • Reach us at our 24*7 toll free number 19122.
  • Write to us on our email helpdesk-
  • Video call us by using the virtual video call facility availble on our website and speak to our agents directly between 7.00 am-11 p.m. 

In addition to the above options, you can also contact us through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and YouTube.

What is MERC?

MERC stands for Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission. It was established to promote competition, efficiency and economy in the power sector, and to regulate tariffs of power generation, transmission and distribution, and to protect the interest of the consumers. You may please refer to the website for further details. You may also visit Adani Electricity Webpage for Relevant regulations and policies by visiting following page

What is a Way Leave Form?

A Way Leave form is a No Objection Certificate (NOC). It is issued by an applicant/MCGM/MBMC/owner of the property permitting the installation of the Meter and any applicable excavation within the property, for providing electricity supply to the applicant.

What is a Way Leave Form 'A'?

A Way Leave Form 'A' is a No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by the landlord of the property to provide access to excavation and laying of cables. Also, it provides rights to maintain these cables in future.

What is Indemnity Form?

An Indemnity Form is a form that is required to be submitted by all applicants wherever laying of cables is required in order to provide an electricity connection. This protects Adani Electricity from all costs against any further disputes / objection relating to excavation, re-instatement, shifting of cables, etc.

Who is an LEC?

An LEC is a Licensed Electrical Contractor authorized by the Public Works Department. The LEC is responsible for issuing an Installation Test Report which certifies the wiring condition & connected load of the premises.

Are LEC's Employees of Adani Electricity?

No. They are not Employees of Adani Electricity. They are Licensed Electrical Contractors with Licenses issued by the Public Works Departments.

What is Installation Test Report (TR) and is it mandatory to submit the same?

The installation Test Report is submitted by the Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) which certifies that the electrical installation work at the applicant’s premises has been carried out by the Licensed Electrical Contractors in full conformity with the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 and the conditions of Supply.

Sample copy of Work Completion and Test Report.

How much new electricity connection charges do I have to pay for getting a new electricity connection?

The charges are based on MERC's approved Schedule of Charge. Please refer following webpage for further details

How much time will it take to install a new Adani Electricity meter?

As per Standard of Performance framed by MERC, the time period for provision of supply from date of receipt of completed application (including submission of substation space agreement if applicable) & payment of charges are given below :

  • In case connection is to be given from existing network - 15 days
  • Where extension/augmentation of distributing main is required - 90 days
  • Where commission of substation is required - 1 year

Does Adani Electricity install a meter inside the premises?

We require access to the meter cabin periodically for reading, checking installation, repairs and maintenance, etc. For this purpose, meters are installed at a location which is easily accessible, without disturbing the consumer. In case the premises is locked, it hampers the meter reading process.

Can you install your own electricity meter inside the house?

You can install your own meter, for reference purpose, inside your premises at your own expense. However, billing will be done only on the basis of Adani Electricity meter.

Is there any charge for a site visit? (New Connection or additional supply request)

The first visit charges as per Schedule of Charges will be debited in your First Bill.

How much do I have to pay the LEC for certifying an Electrical Installation Test Report?

The charges for completion of wiring and issuance of Test Report may vary from LEC to LEC, you are requested to take the best quotes from different LECs, who will complete the wiring of your installation and then certify the same.

Where all can I pay my electricity bill ?

You have multiple options to pay your electricity bill conveniently. You can choose from various online payment modes, including RTGS/NEFT, - click here-online payment, UPI payment apps, NACH-ENACH, and the Voluntary Deposit Scheme (VDS). If you prefer offline payment methods, you can visit Adani Electricity Bill Payment Centres- Click here- (Genius Pay) or authorized collecting banks to make the payment.

What is NACH? What are it benefits?

NACH, which stands for National Automated Clearing House, is a platform similar to ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) but with faster settlement time of one day. It offers various benefits such as standardization and digitization of mandates, simplification of processes, cost reduction, and faster activation time.

When will the bill amount start getting debited from my account if I have opted for NACH?

Once the NACH facility is set up, your bill amount will be debited as per your NACH mandate starting from the next billing cycle.

What if my payment exceeds the mandate amount?

If your bill amount has exceeded the NACH mandate, a message stating "Your Bill amount has exceeded the NACH mandate" will be mentioned on the bill. In such a case, the entire bill amount must be paid using alternative payment methods. For more information on alternative modes of payment, please click here. To increase the mandate amount, customers can re-apply by submitting a fresh mandate.

Can I make cheque payment for my Adani electricity bill?

Yes, you can make cheque payments against your electricity bill. You would have to issue an account payee cheque, Payable to 'Adani Electricity Ltd'. Please do not forget to mention your Contract Account number and Contact details on backside of Cheque. Also if you want to make payment for multiple account nos., then mention all account nos. with corresponding amount at the back side of the cheque.

However, we encourage you to make online payments via our website Adani Electricity bill payment page. You can also pay by using mobile app, download the app here.

Procedure to change the bank account for NACH debit?

To change the bank account, customer will have to again fill the e-NACH form.

How much time will Adani Electricity take to process a customer's NACH request?

If the form has been correctly filled and the documents are in order, the NACH request submitted to Adani Electricity will be processed within 30 working days from the date of request.

Does the customer need to visit their bank for getting the NACH mandate approved?

No, NACH mandate does not require the customer to visit their bank for approval. Every e-NACH mandate request is processed centrally by the National Payment Corporation of India, NPCI.

How can I pay my electricity bill through credit card?

Yes. Go to the Adani Electricity website and log in with your CAN (account number). Under Bill Details, click Pay Bill and proceed to make the payment via your credit card.

How do I increase/decrease or change my NACH mandate amount?

To change NACH mandate amount, new NACH mandate process has to be followed by visiting E-Nach service page. E-Nach service page.

Is the NACH/e-NACH service chargeable? Are there any charges for activating this service?

No. NACH registration, e-NACH registration and service is free of cost.

How to cancel NACH mandate payment online?

Customer can discontinue NACH by sending an email on our helpdesk email id: along with signature id proof.

What are the various bill payment options available for Adani Electricity consumers?

Adani Electricity offers a hassle free and a wide range of offline and online electricity bill payment options for its consumers. In addition to our widely spread conventional payment options like,
  • a. Genius Pay kiosk centres.
  • b. E – NACH is available.
  • c. Voluntary Deposits Schemes (VDS).
  • d. Online payment facilities.
  • e. Payments through Adani Electricity website.
  • f. Payments through SMS.

How can I register/activate for NACH mandate?


Customer has to submit NACH form duly signed along with copy of cancelled cheque. The form can be submitted at the nearest customer care center alternatively the PDF copy of the form can be emailed on our helpdesk email id:

For e-NACH:

You can apply for online e-NACH by visiting our website under the payment tab or Mobile App. For E-NACH process and related queries, you may click here.

What is the highest/lowest limit of the NACH mandate amount?

There is no upper/lower NACH mandate limit. The mandate can be decided by the customer depending on the monthly average bill amount.

Can I make cash payment for my Adani electricity bill?

Yes, you can make cash payments of up to Rs. 5,000/- on one bill. Cheques are accepted at all our bill collection centres. Find centres here.

However, we encourage online electricity bill payments through our website or application to get several rewards.

I am paying through NACH, will there be any change in my payment due date?

No, however, if you have opted for a prompt payment discount, the bill amount will be debited within 7 days of the bill generation date.

How to pay Adani electricity bill online in advance?

Go to the Adani Electricity website and log in with your CAN (account number). Under Bill Details, click ‘Pay Advance’ and proceed to make payments.

Where can I pay the electricity bill near me?

You can go to any Genius Pay kiosks near you and pay your electricity bill. Alternatively, you can also pay your electricity bill online via Adani Electricity’s website or application.

How can I pay my electricity bill online?

It’s very easy to pay your electricity bill online. You can either do it through Adani Electricity app or Adani Electricity website. Alternatively you may also pay with the quick bill pay option available for non-registered customers. Just enter your Adani Electricity Consumer Account number and pay the bill in a few minutes. To access other services and benefits, you can log in to your Adani Electricity account and pay through Bills & Payments.

What Adani Electricity does to control power thefts in slum areas?

Adani Electricity has a vigilance set up in place to curb power thefts. These squads undertake planned raids proactively as well as act on the basis of received complaints.

What action does Adani Electricity take on catching power thefts?

Adani Electricity follows the laid down procedure in line with the provisions under the prevailing statute, i.e., Electricity Act 2003.

If a consumer wants to complaint about power theft in Adani Electricity area of supply, where he should do it?

Anyone can report instances of power theft by reaching out to our 24/7 Power Helpline at 19122. Kindly ensure that you provide your contact number when reporting the theft, and remember to request a complaint registration number from the official assisting you during the call.

Will informing an incidence of electricity theft prove dangerous for an informer?

We will ensure that your identity is protected and will remain undisclosed.

"Tariff Determination Process involves participation of the General Public". Is statement is true or false ? If true, then at what stage does the participation takes place?

The statement is true. Once the Petition is completed and submitted, it is admitted by MERC (Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission). Following this, a Notice is published in prominent newspapers and on the Commission and Utility websites, inviting suggestions and objections from the public. A public hearing is then organized by MERC, where any member of the general public can participate and represent their views on the tariff petition. This process is in accordance with the prevailing MYT (Multi-Year Tariff) Regulations.

For how many years does "Multi Year Tariff" principle involves submission of data?

MYT principle involves the submission of five-year data at the beginning of a Control Period (presently, FY 2020-21 to FY 2024-25). Thereafter, there is a Mid-Term correction at the end of 2.5 years (Nov. 2022), where data for the remaining two years of the Control Period (FY 2023-24 and FY 2024-25) is revised and re-submitted. This process is as per the MYT Regulations, 2019

Can an order passed by the Regulatory Authority be "Reviewed" or "Appealed" ? If yes, then to whom?

If you have concerns or questions about an Order passed by the Regulatory Authority, you have the option to request a review by filing a Review Petition within 45 days of the issue of the Order. Additionally, you can also appeal the Order before the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL) and thereafter the judgment of APTEL can be challenged before the Supreme Court. These processes provide avenues for seeking clarification or resolution in case you have any doubts or issues with the regulatory decisions.

What does the customer gain from a utility's efficient performance and how?

Under the MYT (Multi - Year Tariff) Regulations, utilities aim to achieve efficiency in various aspects, such as reducing distribution losses and operating costs. When a utility performs better than the Regulatory norms for these parameters, the consequent financial gain is shared between the utility and consumer in a ratio of 1/3rd: 2/3rd. This 2/3rd of financial gain is passed on to consumers through tariff reduction, ensuring that consumers also benefit from the utility's improved performance.

How many electricity utilities operate in Maharashtra as a "Distribution Licensee"?

In the state of Maharashtra, there are four main distribution licensees: Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML), Tata Power Company Limited (TPCL), Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking (BEST), and Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL). Also, there are several other Deemed Distribution Licensees operating in Special Economic Zones within the state.

What return does the Utility earn in the Regulated Electricity Business?

The return to be earned by a Utility is provided for in the MYT Regulations issued by MERC from time to time.

As per MYT Regulations, 2019, Generation Business, Transmission Business and Distribution Wires Business are all entitled to earn a maximum of 15.5% Return on Equity invested. Retail Supply Business is entitled to earn a maximum of 17.5% Return on Equity invested.

What is the terminology used for reconciling the 'Forecasted' data submitted to the Regulatory Authority and the 'Actual' data submitted?

Truing Up.

What are Regulatory Assets?

Regulatory Assets are various costs incurred by the distribution licensee which are duly approved by the Regulatory Commission, but deferred for recovery from consumers to avoid a tariff shock .

Why is there disparity in tariffs for various classes of consumers?

The consumer tariffs are set by the Regulator to provide subsidy to economically weaker sections by charging higher tariff to industrial and commercial categories.

What are the scenarios when security deposit request is generated?

A Security Deposit request is generated during:-

  • New Connection Application
  • Change of Name Application
  • Additional Security deposit request during Annual Deposit review

Who needs to pay the Security Deposit?

All customers need to maintain a Security Deposit amount with Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML).

Where can I pay the Security Deposit amount?

You can pay the Security Deposit using our online payment options. To do this through our Adani Electricity website, go to and click on the "Security Deposit" tab.

Another option is to pay the Security Deposit at any of our bill payment kiosks. You can find the kiosk locations by visiting:

What are the factors that impact the Security Deposit amount?

The Security Deposit amount depends on the time when a request is generated.

  • For new connections, it's calculated based on factors like tariff category, contract demand or sanctioned load, load factor, and diversity factor.
  • During the annual deposit review, it's determined by looking at the customer's billing records from the previous financial year.

How is the security deposit calculated at the time of new connection?

As per the MERC Supply Code Guidelines, when you start using the electricity service, the Distribution Licensee needs to collect a Security Deposit from you. This amount is determined based on factors like the type of establishment (Commercial, Industrial, Residential, etc.), the amount of electricity you need (Contract Demand/Sanctioned Load), how much power you use during peak times (Load Factor), how much your power usage varies (Diversity Factor), and the number of working shifts in your establishment.

Here are the Security Deposit rates for different types of establishments when applying for a new connection:

Installation typeSecurity Deposit rates per kWMinimum Security Deposit
TL Other Site Chowki100150
TL Other Property Protection100150
Electric Vehicle Charging Station100150
Battery Swapping Station100150

So, the Security Deposit amount you need to pay will depend on these factors for your specific type of establishment.

Can I pay the Security Deposit amount for a New Connection at a payment kiosk?

Yes, you can make payments at any of our genius payment kiosk. For more details on kiosk centers, please log on to:

I had paid the Security Deposit at the time of New Connection. Will I need to pay a Security Deposit again in future?

As per the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) regulatory guidelines, every electricity provider will review the customer’s Security Deposit amount once every year. If the required Security Deposit is less than the available amount, a separate Security Deposit requirement notice is generated. Hence, if the required Security Deposit is higher than your existing Security Deposit amount, you will need to pay the remaining amount.

I want to shift my power connection from Tata Power to Adani Electricity. Do I need to pay the Security Deposit? If yes, then how much?

Your Security Deposit amount will stay the same as it is with your current electricity provider.

How is Security Deposit calculated during the Change of Name process?

Applicant needs to pay the Security Deposit equivalent to twice the average of the 12 months bill amount (April to March of preceding financial year).

There is a Security Deposit in my old account. Can it be transferred to my new account?

Yes, you can transfer your current Security Deposit (SD) to your new account. In order to get this done, you must provide us with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the previously registered customer and an identification document. If you represent a society, builder, or developer, the NOC should be properly stamped on their official letterhead.

If the SD payment proof is produced, then there is no need for NOC.

In a death case, SD can be transferred at the consumer's request.

I had paid the Security Deposit amount but now I want to get the name change done. How will I get the refund of Security Deposit?

If you have paid the Security Deposit, the refund can be processed by submitting cancelled cheque or bank passbook in the name of registered customer along with an identification document. It is optional to submit the original receipts of the Security Deposit payment to Adani Electricity.

I have sold my house to another person. How do I get the Security Deposit amount refunded?

To receive a refund of your security deposit, you must initiate the closure of your account through either a name change or by surrendering the meter. In the event of a change in ownership, it is essential to request a name change. When closing your account with Adani Electricity, you must furnish your bank details, which can be in the form of either a cancelled cheque or a bank passbook containing the requisite information. Upon submission of these details, Adani Electricity will commence the refund procedure.

I had paid the Security Deposit amount at the time of New connection. Why I am being asked for an additional Security Deposit?

According to the Electricity Supply Code and Regulations, all electricity consumers in the state must now keep a Security Deposit with their electricity provider. This deposit should be equal to twice the average of the electricity bills for the past 12 months (from April to March of the previous financial year).

If your existing Security Deposit is not enough based on this requirement, you will be asked to pay an additional Security Deposit.

Where can I get additional information on Security Deposit?

To find out all the important details about the Security Deposit, you can visit our website at You can also check the correct Security Deposit amount on your electricity bill. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to call our toll-free number at 19122.

What is the methodology of calculating Security Deposit under additional security deposit review?

  • Base Amount: Average of bill amount (bill month April to March of preceding financial year).
  • The requisite Security Deposit would be = 2*(average bill amount of April to March of preceding financial year) less the existing available security deposit.
  • If 12 months data is not available for the sake of base amount calculation, the available number of months will be taken for average calculation.
  • Any Security Deposit interest payable to customer (after deduction of applicable TDS) is added in his existing security deposit balance. Because of this adjustment, balance deposit amount payable by consumer is reduced to the extent of this interest amount.

(See Example Below)
AMonthly average bill amount (April to Mar of preceding financial year)2500
BSecurity deposit to be maintained as per MERC SOP regulation (2 * monthly average (A))5000
CExisting Security Deposit before interest adjustment1000
DInterest on security deposit50
ESecurity deposit available after adjustment of Security Deposit interest (C+D)1050
FBalance Security Deposit Payable (B- E)3950
GDue Date for payment of full amount/first instalment amountDemand date + 30 days

I have taken new connection for the current year- I don’t have billing record of previous financial year, in such scenario, how Security deposit requirement will be calculated?

If billing records for the same account is not available for previous financial year, then such account will not be considered under this year’s Security deposit review requirement. Review for security deposit will be done in subsequent financial year.

I have received an additional Security Deposit requirement notice. What about my existing security deposit?

If your available Security Deposit (SD) amount is less than the average SD amount, only then an additional amount is demanded. A Security Deposit requirement notice is sent for additional SD (over and above your current security deposit amount).

Will I get interest on my additional Security Deposit? What is its rate of interest?

You are entitled to receive interest on your Security Deposit as per the RBI’s base rate. As of 1st May 2023, the rate of interest is 4.25% p.a.

I have an excess Security Deposit lying with your company. How will it be adjusted?

As per the yearly review process done in April, 2 times of your average monthly bill from April to March of the preceding financial year is considered as the required security deposit amount. If the existing security deposit amount is higher than the required amount, the excess amount would be adjusted against your electricity bill.

I have opted for the NACH facility, and my bills are getting debited through my bank. Will the Security Deposit amount also be debited through NACH?

No, for an additional Security Deposit requirement notice, you will need to pay it separately through one of our various payment options. But in case you opt for an installment plan, the monthly amount gets added to your bill. If the total bill is less than your mandate amount, it will get debited through the usual NACH process. In case the mandate is less than the payable amount, the same can be made through various alternative modes of payment.

I have opted for your Voluntary Deposit scheme, and my bills are getting debited through VDS. Do I still need to pay the Security Deposit?

Security Deposit and Voluntary Deposit are two different types of deposits. The Voluntary Deposit scheme is an option for your regular bill payment convenience where your monthly bill gets adjusted against your voluntary deposit, and you receive interest on the balance amount. Interest on the Voluntary Deposit is credited in your electricity bill, once in a year (in the month of April).

What is the Security Deposit in an electricity bill?

Security deposit is an amount maintained in customer’s security deposit account. The amount is equivalent to twice of the average monthly bill amount recorded in preceding financial year. Unlike other businesses, in electricity business, consumer has facility to first consume electricity, later the bill is raised. In case the customer fails to pay the bill, this directly leads to revenue loss. Hence to prevent such revenue loss, security deposit is collected.

How can I pay the additional security deposit on the electricity bill?

You can pay the additional security deposit at any of our kiosk pay centers Genius Pay kiosk by cheque/cash. Alternatively, you can also make online payment through our website at

Are there any legal guidelines on collecting additional security deposit?

As per the Electricity Supply Code and Standard of Performance of Distribution Licensees, including Power Quality Regulations, 2021, all electricity consumers in the state are now required to maintain a Security Deposit with their electricity distributor, equivalent to twice the average of their 12 months’ bill amount (April to March of the preceding financial year).

How can I pay for the Security Deposit for a New Connection?

You can make all New Connection related payments through any of following ways:

  • Payment kiosks - You can pay your New Connection estimate charges through cash or cheque at our conveniently located payment kiosks and collect the receipt issued.
  • RTGS /NEFT – You may pay New Connection estimate amount inclusive of Security Deposit through RTGS/NEFT. Details as follows:
  • Payee Account No. - NEAEML (followed by 9-digit AEML Contract Account No.),
  • Bank Name - HDFC Bank Ltd.,
  • Branch Name - Kanjurmarg Branch, MUMBAI,
  • IFSC - HDFC0004989,
  • Account Type - Current

When do tariff rates change?

Usually tariffs are revised every year and the changes are communicated well in advance.

How would I come to know about any tariff change?

If a change in tariff takes place, you will be notified well in time through a formal communication.

What is the adequate value for the electricity tariff?

Tariff must be sufficient to cover the costs for providing a reliable and quality energy supply and ensuring a financially viable power sector to attract necessary investments for the expansion of capacity.