Corrigendum Listing

Tender Name:
Corrigendum Date Corrigendum Title Documents
18/06/2019 Corrigendum 01- DESIGN , ENGINEERING , MANUFACTURE , SUPPLY , ERECTION , TESTING & COMMISSIONING OF Control philosophy, SDH,SCADA and LILO tower, OPGW for LILO OF EXISTING MSETCL 220kV TROMBAY – NERUL AT EXISTING AEML 220kV CHEMBUR SUBSTATION Corrigendum No 01_NIT_AEML_MTB_2019-20_04 Annexure 4 A- Specification_ Silicon Polymer Rod Type Insulator Annexure 16-Tower Schedule - MSETCL 220kv Nerul to Trombay Line Annexure 11 TD-SP-SCADA & AutoRestoration Annexure 13 Tech Spec for LT & Control Cable
03/07/2019 Corrigendum 02 - Design , Engineering , Manufacture , Supply , Erection , Testing & Commissioning of Control Philosophy, SDH,SCADA and LILO Tower, OPGW for LILO of existing MSETCL 220kV Trombay – Nerul at existing AEML 220kV Chembur Substation Corrigendum 02 to NIT_AEML_MTB_2019-20_04
06/08/2019 Extension of submission date Corrigendum No. 4 to NIT No AEML_MTB_2019-20_04_20190806172039
20/07/2019 Bid submission date extension. Corrigendum No. 3 - AEML_MTB_2019-20_04
29/08/2019 Bid date extension and Change in Scope. Annexure 7- 220V_speci_MSETCL_Trombay_Nerul_260419 Annexure 6A-General Arragement of CTT(Elevation) Annexure 12- Technical Specification 216kV LA R0 Annexure 20- Taking Over Cerficate Format Annexure 9-220V_spec_relays_Chembur_260419 Annexure 11 A-SLD of Chembur EHV sub-station Annexure 21 MSETCL_TROMBAY_NERUL_SLD Annexure 1- Technical Specification for OPGW 48C Corrigendum No 05 Annexure 3 - TS for Lattice Tower Structure Material Package 2- Main Tender Document for Chembur 2nd feed_R1 Annexure 14-format no-Pre-Bid Meeting Format Annexure 17-Specification for Civil Works Annexure 18- Qualifyng Requirements_Chembur 2nd Feed Package 1- Main Tender Document for Chembur 2nd feed_R1 Annexure 2 -Tech_specS for Mono Pole Tower Annexure 10- FQAP Format No. 21.20.21-Tower Construction BOQ A -Chembur 2nd feed BOQ B -Chembur 2nd feed Corrigendum No. 4 to NIT No AEML_MTB_2019-20_04 Annexure 6B- General Arragement of CTT(Plan) Annexure 4-Tech Spec HTLS Drake Conductor Annexure 5-Tech_spec_Optical CT_260419
18/09/2019 Bid date extension. Corrigendum No 7
11/09/2019 Last date & time for Online Bid Submission extended to 16 Sep 2019 Corrigendum No 6