Rooftop Solar

Getting a Rooftop Solar PV System

To apply for connecting a Rooftop PV System to our network, all you need to do is follow these simple steps or opt for Online Registration
In case of any query, please contact: 19122 or Please mention your AEML Account Number and Contact Details

Fill the Application form 16.2 in block letters with black ink Click here to download form
Kindly attach the following docs:
  • Copy of the latest paid electricity bill.
  • General Power of Attorney in favour of signatory in case of Partnership Firms; certified true copy of the Resolution, authorizing the signatory to deal with the concerned Distribution Licensee, passed by the Board of Directors in case of Companies (as applicable).
  • Technical details of PV modules, Inverter and other equipment of system proposed to be installed.

Submit the form – The completed form and the documents have to be submitted at a divisional office.
Click here for a list of the divisional offices near you.

  • Pay applicable charges.
  • Registration Fee
    • LT Consumer - Rs. 500/- for Consumer with Sanctioned Load or Contract Demand upto 20 kW and Rs. 100 thereafter for every 20 kW or part thereof.
    • HT Consumer - Rs. 5,000/-

Adani Electricity shall do a technical feasibility study by visiting the site and recommend the forward path. Post which applicant is are requested to install the Rooftop Solar PV system as per the technical guidelines Click here to download Technical Guidelines

Post Installation of Rooftop Solar PV system, Adani Electricity shall conduct Commissioning test before approving inter-connection with its network

  • Executing the Net Metering agreement on a stamp paper of Rs. 300/-
  • Net Metering Connection Agreement Click here

Synchronization to be done and interconnection switch to be closed.

  • Click here to download the details of MNRE Phase-II Grid connected Rooftop Solar Program Document. Check FAQ
  • Click here to access MNRE portal for online application for Grid connected Rooftop Solar PV Installation (SPIN)
  • Click here to access MNRE Knowledge Center: Rooftop Solar
  • Click here to access MNRE Guidelines on Phase-II Grid connected Rooftop Solar Program, 2019
  • Click here to access MERC Grid Interactive RREGS Regulations, 2019
  • Click here to download Intimation form for already installed renewable energy generating system behind consumer meter
  • Click here to download Prior Intimation form for installation of renewable energy generating system behind consumer meter