Ceiling Fan Program - FAQs


1. What is Super Efficient Ceiling Fan Program?

A: This is DSM ( Demand Side Management ) program approved by Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC). We can reduce electricity consumption and subsequently demand supply gap by adopting energy efficiency. This program is applicable to all residential customers of Rinfra. Under this program eligible customer can either exchange his old ceiling fan by super efficient ceiling fan or buy new super efficient ceiling fan if he doesn't have a fan. Old ceiling fans collected will be scrapped in environment friendly way. This is to ensure phasing out of inefficient fans from the system.

2. What is super efficient 5 star ceiling fan?

A: These are 5 star super efficient fans. These ratings are given by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) based on the electric consumption of the appliance. These ceiling fan typically consumes around 35 watts , where as conventional ceiling fan consumes 75 - 80 watts. By using super efficient 35 W fan we can reduce power consumption by more than 50 %.

3. What are the benefits of super efficient 5 star Ceiling Fan Program to Customer?

A. Benefits of super efficient 5 star Ceiling Fan Program to Customer are:

  • Benefit of Bulk negotiated price
  • Rebate from Rinfra
  • 50 —55 % Saving in power consumption.

4. Who are the manufacturers of super efficient ceiling fan offered under this program?

A: Under this program you can choose from M/S Usha, M/S Orient, M/S Versa (Superfan) & M/S Atomberg technologies.

5. How many fans I can avail under this program?

A: Each eligible customer can install maximum 3 No. of fans under this program

6. Can I get new fan if I don't have old one to exchange?

A: Yes, only if you don't have ceiling fan to exchange.

7. How much is the warranty period of these fans?

A: Under this special program from Rinfra, the warranty given is 2 years.

8. What is the procedure to register for this program?

A: For registration

  • You can call Rinfra Toll free number 19122, speak to our Customer service representative and provide the mandatory information. ( Consumer no, contact Details & choice of brand )
  • For online registration please visit our website www.adanielectricity.com

9. What after registration?

A: After registration, your contact details, provided by you will be supplied to the program partner of your choice and within 10 days from the date of registration you will receive a call from the program partner for installation of new fans you have opted for. On the day mutually agreed by both of you, manufacturer's representative will come and install the fans.

10. What is the payment process?

A: Once you get the delivery of fans you have to pay the amount as mentioned below as per the model you have selected in cash to the Manufacturer's representative before installation of fans.

Please find below the specific offer :


* Actual discount will be more considering free delivery and installation.

** Conventional ceiling fan consumer 75-80 watts.

*Prices and models subject to change.