Check out all the modes of receiving your electricity bills.

Adani Electricity bill can be accessed through various modes including conventional and new digital methods.

Go Paperless

Contribute to the environment and get a ₹10/- discount on your electricity bill every month!

What is Go Paperless?
  1. Register for paperless billing.
  2. Start receiving your electricity bill via email directly in your inbox and pay online.
  3. Discontinue physical copy of energy bills.
Why you should Go Paperless?
  1. You receive a discount of ₹10/- on your electricity bill every month.
  2. By not taking electricity bills in physical form (hard copy), you contribute to a better environment.

Now you can opt for paperless billing by logging into your personalised "My Account" on or on the Mobile App. Also, you can register by calling on our toll-free no. 19122.

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In addition to receiving a physical copy of the bill, you can now also opt for an e-bill which is easier to track and keep a record of.

You can register for the service by logging on to your personalised "My Account" or by calling on our toll-free no. 19122.

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Bill Over SMS

More comfortable with Mobile transactions? Opt for “my electricity bill” through SMS.

You can register for the service by logging into your personalised "My Account" on Adani Electricity or on the Mobile App. Also, you can register by calling our toll-free no. 19122 and receive alerts every month via SMS.

Duplicate Bill

Can’t find your electricity bill? No worries. Request a duplicate bill copy before you pay your bill.

Choose any of the following options to receive a duplicate copy of your electricity bill:

Download Bill

Enjoy the convenience of downloading a copy of your Adani electricity bill from your personalised "My Account" along with a host of other special services. Also, you can download a copy of your past 1-year energy bills.

Register to know all about our exciting & convenient services. To understand how to read your Adani electricity bill, please visit the “Know your bill” page.

Paying electricity bills offline seems to be the most natural thing to our older generation. Today’s generation, however, has made a massive shift. Millennials and Gen-Zs are well-versed with emerging technologies and very comfortable with online electricity bill payment and billing mode. While the option to walk over to the nearest bill payment centre is always there, you need not travel distance to pay your electricity bill anymore.

Viewing, downloading, and paying electricity bills or going through the entire bill payment process is really not as difficult as it may seem. Let us walk you through our easy bill payment guide. We will illustrate the billing process, how energy billing is done, and answer the most frequent billing questions that you have asked us.

What are the various ways of receiving Electricity bills?

Energy and utility bills are an essential part of managing your personal finance. Paying electricity bills is now as easy as clicking a button on your mobile device. All you have to do is set up your account number linked to the energy provider for your home or office. This only takes a few minutes and can be done from the comfort of your home.

  • Once your account has been set up, you can view your e-bill, download it, or foot the electricity bills through several available payment modes. To know more on how to set up your account, visit the “My Account” page for detailed information.
  • E-bill gives you the opportunity to get an electronic bill in addition to the physical copy.
  • If you want to discontinue receiving the physical copy of your electricity bill, then you can choose the Go Paperless option.
  • It does not matter where you are. You can have the bill sent to your phone number via SMS.
  • In case you lose your bill, you can generate a duplicate copy in minutes, without having to wait.
  • With online bill payment, you also get the flexibility to save/download your e-bills for future reference.

You can pay your electricity bill online with a few simple steps on the Adani Electricity website. With our secure payment gateways and intuitive interface, you can settle the bill in a matter of minutes. The portal offers a hassle-free experience and saves the time you would have spent standing in long queues. The best part is that there are different payment modes as well: debit/credit card, UPI, net banking, and others. To know more about online bill payment options on the Adani Electricity website, visit our “Online Payments” Page.

Benefits of Energy Billing Online

There is a prevalent misconception that online billing is not the easiest option available to consumers. There are still many people who go through the hassle of obtaining and paying their electricity bills at bill payment centres.

These are some significant benefits of online electricity billing:

Easy record keeping

The greatest benefit of transacting online is that it is the most convenient and the safest way to maintain the record of your bills. It is much easier than storing hard copies. Online platforms have incorporated various safety protocols to ensure easy and safe transactions, such as PINs, passwords, encryption, usernames, and so on.

More convenient

Imagine standing in a queue on a Sunday afternoon for billing and payments. With online billing, you only need to fill out your account details, view or download your bill and pay the outstanding amount through your phone or computer.

Easy finance management

Managing money is an essential part of personal finance. Online payment gateways help you keep track of your account balance, and that allows you to maintain a well-structured record of all bills and payments. Once the payment is made, you'll get a confirmation notification that can be recorded for future purposes. This makes finance management an easy task.


Not only are you making your life easier by opting for online and paperless modes of billing, but you are also doing a favour to Mother Earth by reducing the wastage of paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different modes receiving Electricity bills?

There are various ways of accessing your Adani electricity bill:

  • Physical bill.
  • E-bill which is an electronic bill in addition to the physical copy.
  • Go Paperless option, where you can discontinue receiving the physical copy of your electricity bill.
  • Bill Over SMS.
  • Generate a duplicate copy from the website.

2. Is it easy to make electricity bill payments online?

Paying bills online is the easiest way to clear your electricity dues. There is no unnecessary travelling, and it takes only a few seconds.

3. Why choose Adani Electricity website for online bill payments?

If you want to pay your electricity bill online, you can do it through our secure payment gateways on the website. The portal offers a hassle-free experience of paying your electricity bills in seconds, cutting down on time wasted standing in long queues.
With Adani Electricity, you can get your electricity bills and make payments through your mobile device in a few simple steps within no time.