Adani Electricity Mobile App


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a. Easy registration and login:

  • i. Register using registered mobile no / Account No
  • ii. Access with Fingerprint / Facial Recognition


b. Payments and receipts:

  • i. Pay Monthly Bill
  • ii. Pay Security Deposit
  • iii. Download Payment Receipt - Bill Payment
  • iv. Download Payment Receipt - SD Payment


c. Bill Copies & Account statement:

  • i. Download Bill Copy for last 6 months
  • ii. Download Account statement for 12 months duration
  • iii. Register for Paperless Billing
  • iv. Change Bill Language


d. Complaint registration & status:

  • i. Register No Supply Complaints
  • ii. Register Streetlight Complaints
  • iii. Check Outage Status


e. Meter Reading:

  • i. Check Meter Reading History
  • ii. Submit Meter Reading & meter reading image


f. Locate touchpoints:

  • i. Genius Pay & CCC locations on Maps


g. Other features:

  • i. Add Multiple Accounts
  • ii. Check Consumption Trend
  • iii. Check Payment Pattern
  • iv. Month on Month Consumption Comparison
  • v. Opt-in for WhatsApp services
  • vi. Chat BOT - ELEKTRA
  • vii. Social Media Pages - plug-ins
  • viii. One touch button for 24x7 Call Center – 19122


Following are the new features added in the revamped version of the app:

  • a. Hassle-free registration & login process, via registered mobile no OR Account No.
  • b. Use fingerprint, Face ID or OTP to login
  • c. Submit your meter reading
  • d. Download receipts of payments made
  • e. Locate the nearest Genius Pay kiosk and navigate via Google Apps
  • f. Download an account statement for your Adani Electricity Account
  • g. Chat with our Digital Assistant – ELEKTRA
  • h. Opt-in for WhatsApp services
  • a. The app is available for download on the iOS Appstore as well as the Google Playstore.
  • b. In case, you already have the old app installed on your phone:
    • i. Android Users: Please update the existing app
    • ii. iOS users: Please uninstall the old app and install the new app, by visiting the AppStore

No. In case, you are already a registered user of the app you need not re-register. Once you login to the new app, please enter your registered mobile no. and click on the "Login" button. You will be provided an option to login using an OTP sent to your registered mobile no. or via the 5-digit PIN.

Yes. You can access the details of your multiple Adani Electricity accounts, using a single login. Multiple Accounts can be added under the same login by clicking on the "Add Connection" option on the home screen of the app.

Yes. You can make a part payment via the mobile app. The amount displayed is editable. Just mention the amount you wish to pay and make the payment using the payment gateway of choice.

Once an online payment is made via the app, an acknowledgment of the same is displayed. Details of the payment made will be seen under the "Mobile App Payment Log" in the app. Once the payment has been successfully accounted for, against your Adani Electricity account, the payment will be visible under the "Payment History" section. Subsequently, you will also be able to download a payment receipt for the same.

In case, an EML employee has already noted your meter reading, a message will be displayed stating that the same has been done. The next date on which the meter reading needs to be submitted, will be displayed. This check has been put in place, to avoid duplication of meter reading submission, which might result in billing issues.

Yes. You can download copies of your last 6 bills, including the latest bill generated. The download can be done via the "Bills" section in the app.

To report an issue with the app please use the following options:

  • If you are NOT logged in: “Report App related Issue” tab on the login screen OR
  • If you are already logged in: “Report App Feedback” under the “My Profile” tab Our representative shall look into the highlighted issue and get back to you with the required solution, within 3 working days. You should receive the details over the e-mail ID mentioned.


We are in the process of upgrading the “Electric Smiles” program, for your enhanced experience. You should be able to redeem your “Electric Smiles” very shortly. An update for the app shall be rolled out by Aug 20 end.