About Adani Electricity SEEPZ Limited (ASL)

Adani Electricity SEEPZ Limited (ASL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML). ASL holds a Deemed Distribution License for the Multi-Product SEZ, spanning 103 acres within the SEEPZ-Special Economic Zone (SEEPZ SEZ), under the jurisdiction of the Government of India's Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

ASL is dedicated to supplying dependable and environmentally friendly energy to support export-oriented manufacturing. Our core ethos revolve around delivering customer-centric services through innovative and state-of-the-art solutions. Our technology-driven, value-added services, including Smart Meters and the Adani Electricity mobile app, empower customers to manage their accounts efficiently and access information regarding their energy consumption through digital means.


3 Simple Steps to Switchover


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Frequently Asked Questions

  How do I apply for a changeover to Adani Electricity- SEEPZ (ASL)?   

To changeover to Adani Electricity- SEEPZ (ASL), you will have to fill and submit a changeover request form to ASL along with all necessary documents and processing fees as per MERC's approved Schedule of Charges. Changeover to ASL can also be done by raising an interest after clicking on "Switch to Adani Electricity-SEEPZ" on the official website.

How much time will it take for changeover to Adani Electricity- SEEPZ (ASL)?

On submission of the application, if the latest generated bill is paid, your existing utility will schedule a changeover to Adani Electricity- SEEPZ (ASL) within 8 days as per MERC-approved procedure. ASL will coordinate for a seamless changeover.

Will I have to obtain No Objection Certificate for Adani Electricity- SEEPZ (ASL) from an Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL)?

No, you will not be required to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Adani Electricity- SEEPZ (ASL) from Existing Distribution Licensee (EDL) . However, it is mandatory for the consumer to clear the payment of his latest bill prior to due date before applying for Changeover to any utility.

Will I get my direct debit facility transferred to my New Distribution Licensee/Adani Electricity- SEEPZ (ASL)?

No, you will have to give intimation to Existing Distribution Licensee for stopping this facility and apply fresh at Adani Electricity- SEEPZ (ASL).

Where will I make the bill payments in case of Adani Electricity- SEEPZ (ASL)?

Customers can pay via www.adanielectricity.com as well via a kiosk location close to them. They can also pay via NEFT/RTGS as per the details provided on the bill.

What are the RTGS payment details for ASL?


CIN : U40108GJ2020PLC118718



RTGS/NEFT Details :Payee Account no : 9122XXXXXXXXX


Bank Name: DBS Bank India Limited

Branch: Express Towers, Ground Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021


Account Type : Current

Where will a consumer lodge commercial complaint or a No supply complaint?

All complaints, whether Commercial or No Supply complaints, have to be lodged with Adani Electricity- SEEPZ (ASL) toll free no. 19122 or consumer can also lodge complaint on website.