For electricity duty exemption / refund application, please check (Notification Number 201906211139336010) Less More

  • Your minimum amount for VDS payment is and maximum amount for VDS payment is
  • Payable maximum should be in multiples of ₹500

Dear Consumer, you need to clear your current outstanding for VDS payments.

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  • How can I pay my electricity bill online?

    It’s very easy to make an online payment for your electricity bill. You can either do it through Adani Electricity app or Adani Electricity website. If you only want to pay your bill, then you can do it through our Quick Bill Payment option. Just enter your Adani Electricity Consumer Account number and pay the bill in a few minutes. To access other services and benefits, you can log in to your Adani Electricity account and pay through Bills & Payments.

  • How can I get to know more about my electricity bill to understand it better?

    It’s easy! Visit Go to the hamburger menu icon near the Adani Electricity logo on the left of the homepage. Under More Information, you can click on ‘Know Your Bill’ and you will be directed to the detailed description of the Adani bill and its components. Your bill also shows the tariff structure and all the account information pertaining to your AEML connection.

  • I want to get more information before I apply for a new Rooftop Solar connection in Mumbai. Where can I view it?

    You can visit the Rooftop Solar page on the Adani Electricity website. You can get details about how to apply for rooftop solar online & offline, MNRE Phase-II Grid connected Rooftop Solar Program Document, Frequently Asked Questions, and more before you apply for a new Rooftop Solar connection.

  • What are the various modes of accessing my AEML bill?

    You can access your Adani Electricity bills through various modes including usual and new digital methods. To know more, you can visit the Billing page and see how you can get a duplicate copy of the bill, bill over SMS, paperless bill, etc.

  • How can I use the chatbot on the Adani Electricity website?

    You can chat with our digital assistant Elektra from the Adani electricity website. You can get assistance there for concerns regarding:

    Submit Meter Reading, View Bill & Pay Bill, Water Logging in Meter Cabin, Complaint Registration, Street Light Complaint, Complaint Status, Adani Mobile Apps, Digital Services Info, Contact Us, Important COVID Update

    Select your option and you will be guided further for self-help.

  • What is E-NACH and how do I enrol for this service?

    E-NACH refers to Electronic National Automated Clearing House and it is meant to provide automated payment services usually to debit a fixed amount on a specific date. Please visit the E-NACH page for details on the requisites to enrol for E-NACH.

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Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited

Welcome to Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited - India's Largest Private Power Company

Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML) is one of India's Largest Electricity Distribution Company and a 100% subsidiary of Adani Transmission Ltd. to provide integrated facilities of generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity in Mumbai. Presently we are serving over 2.9 million customers with an uninterrupted power supply in the Suburban Mumbai area spanning over 400 Sq. km.

At Adani Electricity we firmly believe in the "Power of Service" - Not just meant to power a home or a business, but to power everyone’s life. We understand how important power supply is to every citizen and therefore AEML strives to provide reliable electricity supply at competitive and cost-effective prices.

The AEML (Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited) website is not only a medium to inform people about who we are, but also an opportunity to engage with all our stakeholders, both existing and upcoming.

We believe in rewarding the efforts of our Adani consumer family. Therefore, Adani Electricity also has a reward programme called Electric Smiles. Our consumers can access the reward point programme, Electric Smiles, through the Adani Electricity mobile app. The consumer’s electricity account gets directly credited with the points that they earn on any cashless payments made for Adani Electricity bills. There is also a provision to earn additional bonus points on all AEML electricity bill payments that you make within 7 days of the electricity bill generation.

AEML also plays an active role in the promotion of Rooftop Solar PV Projects in Residential and Group Housing categories as per MNRE guidelines for the Program. Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited acts as the nodal implementing agency for the MNRE Program and a channel for extending the MNRE subsidy to the consumer and bringing vendors onboard for the implementation of the projects.

Being India's Largest Private Power Company, Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited (AEML) has also pledged to be the gamechanger in transitioning individuals and organisations to Electric Vehicles (EVs) for a better tomorrow with its "Mumbai Switch to Green Pledge" initiative aimed towards mitigating the climate crisis through the deployment of EV charging stations in Mumbai which are powered by renewable energy, thereby making a serious impact on reducing carbon emissions. Adani Electricity is now deploying a comprehensive Charging Network dedicated to serving Mumbaikars’ Electric Mobility needs. Adani Electricity will deploy Charging Stations at the most convenient locations - from residential societies, office complexes, and high footfall locations, to Airports and Highways connecting Mumbai.

India's Largest Private Power Company, AEML, also has one of the best power-generation plants in India, Adani - Dahanu Thermal Power Station (ADTPS), consisting of two units of 250 MW. The commercial operations of this thermal power plant commenced in January 1996. ADTPS has been felicitated with various awards, for its unique features that distinguish it from others in terms of innovation, performance, and continuous sustainability. Just like AEML does, ADTPS also follows high standards of quality and strives to perform its environmental and social responsibilities to the core.

The Adani Group at large is a globally integrated conglomerate functioning across key industry verticals of logistics, energy, utilities and agro.